1003C Woodstove

Serious woodburners absolutely love the 1003C with its extended burn time and lively fire.  While the shape of its high-capacity, deep firebox is a direct descendant of  The Earth Stove's original design, it's built to meet the demands of today's woodburner.  We've honed our efficient, catalytic technology to perfection in this steady home warmer that always makes the most of your fuel supply

1400HT Woodstove

If you're looking for real value, look no further than our new 1400HT.  This handsome, non-catalytic woodstove is designed to provide both durability and lasting heat.  From its heavy-plate steel construction to its 1500 - square - foot heating capacity, the 1400HT is one hardworking, good-looking woodstove.  It features a large, easy-load door and an extra-wide firebox that can accept up to 20-inch logs.

2800HT Fireplace Insert

Beautiful, marble insets and a spectacular, no-polish, gold door - plus gold side accents - make the 2800HT a handsome and practical addition to your home.  Like all inserts from The Earth Stove, the 2800HT fits almost any fireplace opening.  It is fully approved for installation in masonry, heatform, and many leading factory - built fireplaces.  Plus, it offers you the long-lasting, lively, and romantic fire that our non-catalytic systems are well-known for.

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